TWO STOREY TIMBER HOUSE on a narrow block

Design Clare Mengler in collaboration with Wandoo and Client

Build in progress by Wandoo 2019

A new two storey timber framed, timber clad new house for a client and two adult children. Exterior typology was inspired by the Painted Ladies in San Fransisco and the Victorian Terraces of London - but meeting the R-Codes on an extremely narrow block with a brief for atypical, contemporary planning for four adults, combined with an old fashioned romantic appearance called for some serious design and approvals effort - and patience on the part of the client. The height of the typology, and the narrow width of the block meant that overshadowing was a real obstruction. Design was undertaken with a team approach, and build is in progress. The client is heavily involved and we are supportive of a combination of her selections of recycled timber doors and modern, cheaper products to meet a budget. The lovely deep setback from the street front gives a very gracious feel, the old jacaranda tree protected during works. Bay windows to the front elevation and weatherboards add to the grace of the old fashioned typology and shed beautiful light from three different aspects into each front room. The design passed the Development Approvals process with neighbour consultation and tweaking, but at the Building Permit stage, in order to meet energy efficiency ratings, the brief for 100% timber framing was modified to include for a concrete slab at ground. The slab is poured high to give the same height above ground that a traditional framed floor would appear. The slab is fixed with battens and recycled 85mm tounge and groove jarrah floorboards. The photographs show the patina of recycled materials during construction - at completion the floorboards will be sanded but for now striped patterns betray the variety of finishes of the previous lives of the recycled floorboards.